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Message from our President, Marie Sturgell

Welcome to the Associated Real Property Brokers’ website! I want to personally invite you to join our association if you are not already a member. All are welcome. We were established in 1948 and chartered in 1954 as a local chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB). Our members are known as "Realtists" and our mission is still “Democracy in Housing.”

Why should you join our trade association?

It’s our intention that we call you to specific action steps that you can take in order to further the cause of Democracy in Housing in order to help us to bridge the wealth gap that exists in our Communities.

While there are tremendous opportunities in front of us today, we are facing serious and systematic challenges and obstacles as African Americans. Therefore it is imperative that we make significant investments into the education of our youth so that they will be able to compete at a high level in today’s global economy.

We intend for the next generation to carry the baton and create a legacy of excellence in order for us to sustain and grow as a people here in the United States and especially here in the Bay Area. With rapidly rising housing costs again and increasing living expenses and a serious shortage of available housing, we must equip our youth with the skills to earn high incomes and financial wherewithal to become homeowners and the economic support to become entrepreneurs and investors.

Recession’s effect on democracy in housing

The last economic recession showed us that there was not “democracy in housing” even in the 21st century when we see that 2 out every 5 of our black homeowners losing their homes. This has devastated the wealth of our communities and many of us as real estate professionals. And loss was not restricted to blacks, people of color,

urban areas but marched right up the ladder to middle and upper middle class America. This was the same unsavory message to all of us that where there is greed and inequality in America, it affects all Americans.

There is the need now to continue the work of democracy in housing as we rebuild our communities and help the new generation of prospective homebuyers take hold of this precious right of homeownership.

Serving and reaching out to our communities

We know that the home-buying market of the future consists of people of color. That is why you see the multicultural emphasis of real estate trade associations; but remember that we built the model, and we know what it takes to help our communities and members educate ourselves and then educate, serve and reach out to our communities.

Advantages of membership at many levels

As you browse our website, please understand that your membership in ARPB is multilayered and for maximum value you should participate in the local chapter, the state level (CAREB, California Association of Real Estate Brokers) and the national level, (NAREB, Nation Association of Real Estate Brokers). Also, locally there are a  few affiliate organizations of NAREB that we are privileged to have like the Women’s Council of ARPB and our HUD-approved housing counseling affiliate, NID-HCA. Each has its own programs, initiatives and benefits; and the midwinter and national conferences are opportunities to utilize fully the value of being a member.

Education, training and relationship-building

Membership value and benefits in ARPB, CAREB and NAREB and its affiliates are all centered around educational training, leadership training, advocacy opportunities, referral opportunities, networking opportunities, sales and income opportunities, just to name a few.

With the devastation of yesterday and the challenges of today come the opportunities of tomorrow!

If you have any questions, please contact me at our local email address, or by phone at 


2019-2020 Officers

President: Marie Sturgell

1st Vice President: Imani Breaux-Smith

2nd Vice President: Erich Harris

3rd Vice President: Ria Cotton

Secretary: Taira Hall

Treasurer: Betty Moore

Assistant Treasurer: Renee Tucker

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Phillip Bell

Helena Jones-Kim

Willie Garner

Don Dunbar

Harry Payne

Delores Johnson

Georgia Richardson

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